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The One Person Framework for the Rest of Us

Published May 2, 2024byPaul Lefebvre

The technology and development world is always changing. First released in 1998, Xojo’s longevity is a testament to its ability and willingness to adapt from…

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Popovers for Xojo Desktop, Web and iOS

Published March 26, 2024byJavier Menendez

Starting with Xojo 2024r1 there’s a new Window type in Xojo’s UI/UX bag: Popovers. Popovers are kind of a Modal window with a more transient behavior and associated with a Parent control. A Popover will display the chosen content or layout, the same as when you design the user interface of a window or a Container control that will be included as part of another more complex design or displayed at runtime.

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Simplicity and Security, Xojo Cloud is Ideal Hosting for Xojo Web Apps

Simplicity and Security, Xojo Cloud is Ideal Hosting for Xojo Web Apps

Published October 30, 2023byXojo

Xojo Cloud is the premier hosting solution for developers looking for a reliable, secure and high-performance hosting environment for Xojo web applications. Xojo Cloud is developed specifically for Xojo web applications and offers a range of benefits for you and your applications that make it worth the investment.

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2022: Welcome Back!?

2022: Welcome Back!?

Published December 13, 2022byAlyssa Foley

Does anyone else feel like 2022 is the first year in many years where we have gotten back together, in-person, for big events, small get-togethers, travel and even the daily office grind? Whether that is the right thing to have done or not, it seems that is what many of us did in 2022. Though we all tried new things to stay connected over the past few years (Zoom-fatigue anyone?), there’s nothing like seeing an old friend after years apart.

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Xojo Cloud is now in Sydney!

Published December 12, 2022byJason Parsley

We’re happy to add Sydney, Australia to the worldwide locations of Xojo Cloud servers. That makes nine cities that you can host your Xojo Cloud web apps in. Offering worldwide coverage for Xojo Cloud makes it easier to get your Xojo web applications close to the users that are using them, improving the speed and overall experience for your users.

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The Versatility of Xojo

Published December 6, 2022byJérémie Leroy

Many people around the world are celebrating the holidays by giving gifts, which means more and more people are organizing Secret Santa events. In November of 2018, Jérémie Leroy had the idea of making a Secret Santa iOS app. 3 years, 32 languages and 6.5 millions downloads later, Jérémie incorporated Xojo Web to improve his highly successful Xojo iOS app. Secret Santa is a prime example of what is possible and how you can leverage your Xojo skills to expand to other platforms when you need to.

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Adding Tables to PDFDocument

Published October 12, 2022byJavier Menendez

Starting with Xojo 2022r3 it is possible to create and add tables to PDF documents using Xojo’s PDFTable class and the PDFTableDataSource class interface. Among…

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PDFDocument Improvements

Published October 12, 2022byJavier Menendez

While PDFTable and PDFDataTableSource ease the way to render tables in your PDF documents on Desktop, Web, Raspberry Pi and Console projects (iOS to come!) and are the big new features for PDFDocument in Xojo 2022r3, that’s not all that improved. There are additional features added to PDFDocument you might find helpful such as more control while using PDFForm and improvements to dealing with TOC indexes. Learn more about how to get advantage of these additions!

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PDFDocument: How To Encrypt PDFs

Published July 25, 2022byJavier Menendez

One of the PDFDocument features added in Xojo 2022r2 is the ability to encrypt PDF files created with Xojo. Continue reading and I will show you how.

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PDFDocument: New Annotations Types

Published July 25, 2022byJavier Menendez

The annotations feature on PDFDocument has been significantly extended in the release of Xojo 2022r2. Continue reading to learn about the new annotation types. Currently,…

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