25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (2023)

Want to update your bedrooms? Here we offer you one of the alternatives to make your bedrooms stand out and even looks more dynamic, by updating them into red bedrooms.

Yes, red inspires dynamic atmosphere into bedrooms. It also offers warmth and often remind us to the vibrant summer time. That’s why you often see the color in any festivals or party times.

As res is a color of energy, passion, or even aggression, so you need to be wise in setting it in your bedrooms. It’s not funny if you get too agitated in your bedrooms (and cannot have a good rest) just because you pick red colors so nonchalantly.

You need to combine the red color with its complementary colors, so you can have a warmth, cozy, but not overwhelmingly aggressive to your bodies’ biorhythm. Here’ some 20+ red bedroom ideas to inspire.

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1. An impressive grey and red bedroom

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (1)

Haven’t any idea to start your bedroom update? Try this red and grey color scheme idea. It’s a simple and safe combination for your bedroom’s setup.

You might be lured to use red as the room’s background color. But, if you want to play safe, use the opposite. Use the grey color as its background and red as accent colors.

Be sure to keep all the color combination balanced. You might put red on your pillows, rugs, lamps, or the bed frame.

2. Cute curtains for a red and black bedroom

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (2)

Some color combinations remind us of fantastic eras of the past. This red-black’s combination is no exception. It remind us to the early 20 century era, the Art Deco era.

The simple combination inspire of a neat and clean living space. You may put the color combination on the furniture, artwork, or the overall interior schemes.

Combine the red-black color scheme with neutral colors to soften the tones. In this example, you find the softening color on the cute curtains.

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3. Red wallpaper as an affordable idea to update the bedroom

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (3)

We’ve met black and red color combination. You might have put it on your furniture or rug. Now it’s time to put the idea on the wall.

The easiest way, though messier and pricier, is by painting the color on your bedroom’s walls. The easiest and neater way to put the colors is by hanging wallpaper of the same color schemes.

The designer of this room hangs black-red wallpaper on a side of walls, giving off warmth and elegance into the room.

4. Red bed for red-themed bedroom

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (4)

If you feel red is too bold for your taste, but you still want to have it as your bedroom theme, then use it as accent color.

This red-styled decorating idea can be a starting idea of your purposes. It won’t be too much for your preference, but it still charmingly red.

In this example, you only need to play with the bed frame’s color. You splash it with red. In a white-dominated bedroom, the color give off unique and refreshing vibes.

5. Three color schemes for a warmth and classic bedroom

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (5)

When you already love with white as your bedroom’s walls color, then you need to sweeten it up with black and red combination.

Those colors, red-black-white, are basic colors to make a classic bedroom. All you need to do is to make them balanced.

You might want to use the red as transition color, before it gets accented by black. But, you can reverse the order as well –depends on your taste.

6. Red headboard for your red-themed bedroom

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (6)

Dark bedroom are increasingly popular. It helps to push the release of sleeping hormone, the melatonin, and get you sleep soundly.

To add elegance into the room, you may put some accent colors into it. Some ochre, lavender, or red colors are often used for the purpose.

In this example, a red headboard is used as dark bedroom accent. As alternative of solid color, you also may use stripped or patterned red color.

7. Red-white wallpaper for a girl red bedroom

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (7)

This list offer you the more affordable way to get your girl’s bedroom updated and chic –in a set of French style bedroom.

All you need here is a layer (or layers) of wall paper on her bedroom’s walls. You might not have difficulties in hanging a wallpaper, so you might want to do it yourselves.

This red-white wallpaper offer cute and dynamic atmosphere –suitable for girl’s bedroom. It also lends elegance into the French-styles theme.

8. Red bed frame for an impressive bedroom

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (8)

For the more impressive bedroom, you need to try this bedroom scheme. Just like the wallpaper stuff, you get it easy and affordable.

Only this time you need a pail of red paint. As for the shades or tones, it depends on your preferences.
In this example, you’ll paint your with deep red paint. It looks standout in the calming bedroom atmosphere. To counter the aggressive tones, you can soften it with white beddings and blue accents on the pillows.

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9. Bright red lamp stands to spice up the bedroom’s atmosphere

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (9)

If in the previous idea you met red bedroom scheme with the bed frame painted red. Now you inject reddish nuances to your bedroom with its other features, its decor.

If you want to spice up your existing bedroom, adding splashes of red color would do you good, just like in this example.

Two lamp stands, all are bright red, serve as fresh accents, balancing the gray and whitish theme of the room.

10. Calming furniture color for your red-accented bedroom

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (10)

Now if you want to commit a more serious update scheme, you should consider this idea: splashing red on one side of the walls.

Just a wall, not more. As you don’t want to use excessive red paint, as they’ll make your room too harsh as your comfortable haven.

If you want a more calming red, try clay red or muted red for the wall. As usual, you need to pair the color with neutral colors on the furniture, beddings, or curtains for the more comfortable color scheme.

11. Red duvet and pillows for a gorgeous bedroom accent

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (11)

We’ve mentioned previously, though briefly, about bedding and pillows as accents in your red-themed bedroom.

Now it’s time to make it real. Just like your repainting or wallpaper hanging projects, this one is also an affordable project which the result can be seen right away.

Combination of red pillow and bedding offer a vibrant air for the room. In this idea, a patterned red duvet combines nicely with also reed pillow.

12. Red rug for your reddish bedroom

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (12)

Now that you’ve done the window treatments by installing the right curtains, now it’s time to do the rug things.

Putting a red rug on the bedroom floor is an easy way to make your bedroom feel warm and comfortable. Unlike putting red paint or hanging red wallpaper on the wall, a rug is pretty portable.

If you get bored with a rug color or pattern, you could just roll it and putting another with the more vibrant colors.

13. Black and red combination for an elegant bedroom

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (13)

Choosing red as the dominating color for the bedroom is a bold moves for some, as the color won’t give you needed rest if you wrong in picking a wrong red theme.

One wrong turn, and your bedroom will look too energetic –and you just cannot have a rest properly, as the red atmosphere force your bodies to stay active.

So choose red wisely, or combine the color with other colors. In this example, you find an elegant bedroom in black and red combination.

14. Red Classic bedroom with unique decorating ideas

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (14)

For your guest room to look impressive, a red bedroom might need to be considered. It’s impressive and your guests or friends surely will have unique experience in it.

To add further visual impact, you might try classic approach for the overall design, with Victorian touch and elegant crimson materials.

For inspiration, see the following example. You have a gorgeous red classic bedroom which should impress your friends.

15. Parisian bedroom full of classic red color

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (15)

Though red might feel dominating and aggressive, mainly if you use as the main theme, you may soften its effect with the more natural colors, or by making patterns out of the red colors.

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This Parisian bedroom is the example. You might say it red-dominated room. But, with smart arrangement, you can find that the color also can offer elegant touch.

With white as the background and red as the decorating idea (by using it as wallpaper patterns, bedding and padding patterns, and curtain patterns), finally you have cute classic bedroom.

16. Victorian red dark bedroom for your elegant home

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (16)

Victorian era span almost a century, from 1830s up to early 20 century. Ruled by the long living queen of the same name, England was world superpower of the era.

Along with it was great technological and aesthetic advances, including that iconic Victorian style. That want style which you still often seen its traces in modern contemporary steampunk style.

Victorian era also full of iconic dark red colored themes. The following are one of the gorgeous example.

17. A set of Asian red-themed bedroom for your eclectic taste

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (17)

Now it’s time to Asia, to one of the oldest civilization spots on earth, to China. With almost her 5 millennium of history, this country seems has no limitless sources of colorful inspiration for your interior designs –including your red bedroom designs.

This set of red-themed bedroom from Qing Dynasty (1644 to 1911) is an example how the people of Chine love to play with colors –which still awesomely relevant to our contemporary eyes.

For your contemporary bedroom, you may combine the rustic red color of the wedding bedroom with your modern choices of color. They could bring a unique eclectic atmosphere into the room.

18. Splashes of red for cozy attic bedroom

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (18)

Don’t let the precious parts of the house lay unused, so use the precious nook on your attic for your purposes.

In this example, the designer uses the attic as a comfortable a children bedroom. Be sure to plan it right, so you don’t make the limited space feels cramped.

Add splashes of red to inject warmth and cheerful air into the room. Use it sparsely as to not overwhelm the comfortable atmosphere you’ve planned before.

19. Bedroom in gray and red theme, with red tapestries

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (19)

Back to the 19 century, you can find almost unlimited sources of classic interior designs to inspire. Here. Again, you have one of them.

Now we play with red tapestry and rug. Just like the rug, tapestries are practical approaches if you want an easy way to do your bedroom in red ways.

Previously, we’ve met gray and red combination for the room. This time you combine the theme with tapestries and rug of similar theme.

20. Antique furniture for your red-styled bedroom

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (20)

A combination of wisely chosen red features and room layouts make your red bedroom comfortable and even has calming atmosphere.

Yes, you can have calming air in a red-themed bedroom, provided that you have right red on furniture, walls, bed, or its beddings.

This eclectic bedroom adopt several deep red antique furniture from 17 and 18-century era. The result, as you can see here, is a stunning yet calming bedroom.

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21. Red Indian headboard idea for contemporary ethnic bedroom

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (21)

Again, we bring you the headboard idea for you. This because it is an easily recognizable features in a bedroom –and you can manipulate it easily, both by changing its colors or the designs.

For this time, we offer you a unique head board from the land of ethnic beauty, India. But now you blend the iconic style with the more modern theme.

As you see now, the once plain bedroom now looks unique and gorgeous with the addition of the red Indian style headboard.

22. Traditional bed with red canopy

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (22)

You need to consider a canopied bed if you want to have an impressive showstopper for your master bedrooms or even your guest bedrooms.

You may experiment with the canopy materials by blending the material’s colors and matching them with all the surrounding features, including the curtains.

This red canopied bedroom offer you glamorous look and at the same time offers you the classic traditional bedroom look.

23. Black and romantic bedroom in red ambience

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (23)

If the bedroom atmosphere feels bland or even stale, you might need to update it with the more romantic themes.

You might need to add the classic red velvet colors and floral Victorian wallpaper into your bedroom.

If you feel the color choices are too heavy, you always can blend it with other neutral modern colors. So, even with the heavy colors of the past, you still can feel the easy going contemporary color schemes.

24. Don’t be afraid with excessive decorating ideas

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (24)

To have complex bedroom setup might present problems for your resting time. The excessive bedroom patterns might overly distract your attention and further drag you out of slumber time.

But, that’s not always the case. As you still can have the charming and cozy space even though your bedrooms are featured with some intricate decorating ideas.

It’s back again to our basic tips: be wise in choosing the materials and patterns. You also need to be careful in matching the colors.

25. Red-blue-white bedroom theme for the kids

25 Exceptional Red Bedroom Ideas to Have This Year (25)

For the kids, give them the coziest red bedroom. As the kids need more space for their activities, you don’t need fancy designs.

Give them minimalist bedroom layout, so that their activities won’t be blocked by unnecessary features.

You also need to makes sure to put the flashiest colors, like this red-blue-white bedroom theme. You don’t need intricate designs or patterns. Find one or two designs with simple lines and are easy to recognize. They’ll love their new room.

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There’re many more awesome red bedroom ideas we haven’t shown you in this listicle. But, we do hope that those you’ve met here can spark inspiration, as we covered wide varieties of red bedroom, from its furniture, decorating ideas, color combinations and more.

Even more, we also offer you various bedroom styles, from the more traditional up to the contemporary one. Have a nice day.


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